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The Student Services Software package is a comprehensive system that includes student records, attendance, scheduling, grade reporting, and fee accounting modules. Also available are class list, schedule, grade report and transcript formatters, which allow the user full control of designing and/or customizing their own reports. A report writer is available for customized report writing.


aSc Scheduling Checklist

Student Information Scheduling Checklist

SYI Questionnaire

SI Report Card Processing 

Publish SI Report Cards


PB User Group Meeting Recording 11-04-2021

Student Information General Navigation, Labels, Batch Management, Analytic Hub and Ez Query 8-24-2021

Admission/Withdrawal, Student Transfer, Contacts, Family Groups, Ad-hoc Memberships, Profile Bulk Update 8-24-2021

Attendance, Intervention Reports and Letters 8-27-20

Frontline Accelify IEP Demo 9/3/2020

Student Fees 9/2/2020

New Security 20.1 09/23/2020

Graduation Reporting 9/14/2021

Troublesooting Reports with EXCEL 10/6/2020

Graduation Points Summary Training 10/28/2020

S&L Checklist Review 11/19/2020

Troubleshooting the Federal Child Count Report 12-3-2020

Troubleshooting the Teacher Licensure Course Status Report 1-8-2021

FY21 FTE Report Training 3-2-2021

Troubleshooting CTE Reports 3-2-2021

State Student Identifiers - SSID 3-24-2021

Troubleshooting Where Kids Count Report 6-2-2021

Missing Assesments Reports 6-2-2021

FY21 S & G EMIS Checklist 6-23-2021

SI Medical Module 9-29-2021

HB410 Training 10-12-2021

Federal Child Count Reports 11-30-21

Troubleshooting with EXCEL 11-10-21

FY22 S Checklist Review 11-10-21

Preparing for TLC Report 12-10-2021

Introduction to Samegoal 1-20-2022

Samegoal Refresher Training 1-20-2022


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