Northern Ohio Educational Computer Association

Serving the K-12 Community

The Northern Ohio Educational Computer Association (NOECA) is an Information Technology Center (ITC) providing cost-effective technology services combined with superior customer service to a consortium of educational institutions. NOECA's mission is to help our partners achieve their educational objectives by building a strong information technology environment for the K-12 community.

■ Software Applications

Uniform School Payroll System
Uniform School Accounting System
Human Resources/Employee Kiosk System
Educational Management Information System (EMIS)
Equipment Inventory System
UDMS/Safari Report Writer
ProgressBook Suite Software
Grade Book
Student Information
Special Services
Virtual Classroom

■ Products & Services

Technology Planning Services
LAN Design and Technology
LAN/WAN Connectivity
Helpdesk Support
Video Conferencing
Technical Support Services
Microfiche and CD Generation
Professional Development
Statewide Electronic Resources
HANNAH Legislative Updates

■ Internet

Internet Access
Web Hosting Services
Electronic Mail
Virus and Spam Filtering
Content Filtering





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