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In March of 1991, the State Board of Education, in response to the legislative mandate, adopted the rule for school districts requiring the development and implementation of a statewide Education Management Information System (EMIS). The purpose of this system is to assure better accountability for tax dollars and provide better policy understanding of school district programs and accomplishments to help improve the local educational system.

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Description  March 22D Reporting

Calendars 10-14-2021

Student Course Grade Reporting 10-28-2021

Federal Childcount Tips 12-2-2021

Extracting assessment data from ODDEX and loading into Student Information 1-12-2022

General Topics 3-10-2022

Four ways to add Memberships 3-25-2022

Gifted Records and Fall Initialization 4-1-2022

FY23 Fall EMIS Checklist Training 11-17-2022

FY23 Fall Staff EMIS Reporting 11-17-2022


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